You’re Not Special

People are concerned about their privacy. And I get it. I do. For real, I wouldn’t want some random NSA agent watching me smoke weed and then proceed to eat my entire refrigerator. All while I binge watch TV for hours.


Recently I read an article where a couple was having a private conversation, which was then sent to the husband’s coworker by Amazon Alexa. Now, if you don’t own an Alexa, you know that while she’s pretty incredible, she doesn’t always get it 100% right.

Apparently, while this couple was having “a private conversation,” Alexa heard the wake word (usually “Alexa”, but can also be “Computer” or “Echo” or “Amazon”). She then proceeded to try and understand what they were saying, and heard “send message.” Alexa then asks “Okay, to whom?”, to which the couple probably said the coworker’s name. Alexa then asks what they want to send. The couple continues talking – in fact, they’ve been talking the whole time, and never heard Alexa talking to them.

My *guess* is that the conversation was probably about the coworker, which is how Alexa got his name. The volume level was set to 0 or 1, so, obviously, they didn’t hear her talking back. So she records them shit-talking about this coworker, and then (lol) sends it to him… karma’s a biiihhhh.


To all of you worrying about being spied on…. don’t.

No one is spying on you, because honestly, no one cares.

You’re not special.


Adult Truth #001

*cousin from California is visiting me & boyf*

*he’s going to make drinks for all of us*

*we have a large shitty-Ikea cabinet full of a variety of liquors*

(I hate Ikea so much, but that’s a story for another day)

*boyf explains that he stocked up on it all when he first moved here 3 years ago, and that we’re not drinking it fast enough, seeing as we’re moving across the country in a few months*

Cousin: “Wow, why did you buy so much?”

Boyf: “Well… I thought I’d have more friends.”